It's like a Jewish biscotti.

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What the knish is mandel bread?!

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You Can’t Make This Up...

I basically have zero self-control so I'm not sure if freezing will be an option...

Dan K.

We have like 4 mandel pieces left...

Arielle S.

So good!!!!!!!! Half the tin will be gone in 20 min!

Arielle B.

After a VERY long day, dani mandel package saved the day. Truly.

Caroline M.

Lisa called me the other day and was like, "mom had frozen mandel!!! I found it!!!"

Jillian L.

BTW SO AMAZING my mom is obsessed with them and keeps bringing it up

Allie B.

You're not gonna believe this but I eat your mandel bread ... I do not eat sweets I eat super healthy I'm a crazy Californian... I finished both bags hahahahaha!

Rona P.

Best day ever! It arrived and I've already eaten 1/3 of the bag yummmmmmm!

Sarah L.

My mom LOVED it. Can't wait for everyone to try later.

Sam S.

My Spiel


Oy there are too many...

Never made it close to 5 days...

Molly M.

Girl they are so good. You are a magician!

Suz J.

I can't stop eating mandel...

Camille S.

Mandel for breakfast.

Jill H.

The last mandel (sent with a picture of one mandel in a ziplock bag)...

Jill R.

You should know that my husband and I r fighting because he wants another bag too but I said I can't have them in the house

Eryn D.

She told my mom that her friend always made the best mandel bread and yours is SO MUCH BETTER.

Danielle B.