dani harris

chief baking officer

Dani harris has spent the last several years working in the restaurant industry. She has worked with some of NYC’s premiere establishments including Marta, Charlie Bird, and Pasquale Jones. Growing up in a jewish family in Miami, Dani was taught how to bake mandel bread by her late grandmother.  Ever since she was a child she would make mandel bread for the holidays for her friends and family. That tradition stuck with her and over the years the list of people she made mandel bread for expanded significantly by word of mouth. Dani never envisioned that she would make mandel bread for a living, but when she started experimenting with a variety of flavors, toppings, and dippings she started receiving more orders than she could handle! 


frequently asked questions

We offer a gluten free option! Please make sure you include a note in your order to request GF.

are they gluten free?

We offer a gluten free option of our products. Please make sure to request GF in the additional comments section of your order.

how long do they last?

Mandel bread can last for 2 weeks without refrigeration. We recommend storing your excess treats in the fridge or even freezer (to make them extra crunchy!).

ok for people with nut allergies?

Aside from out peanut butter chip flavor, mandel bread is nut-free.

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